I’ve Got Mail!

Earlier this month I sent Mr. Ross of Boxbusters a get better soon package.  Yesterday I received a nice little package in return from Mr. Ross.  This works out great because I was able to turn a pile of Cardinals cards into Cubs cards magically through the mail.  What a great world we live in!  The highlight of the trade has to be a 1994 UD Denny’s Ryno hologram card.  I know it may not book very high,but it is one of my new favorites.  I always liked hologram cards and I was never able to go to Denny’s when these came out so it is cool to be able to get one without having to scour Ebay for it.

The other highlight of the trade is a 1988 Mark Grace Donruss RC.  I know I have a pile of these, but they are trapped in the back of a storage shed waiting to be dug out.  The problem is it is not my shed and everything in front of my old cards is not mine and when I say buried I mean BURIED!  The condition of this card is what I would call “well loved”.  To get a well loved Cubs card from a Cardinals fan is priceless.

The rest of the cards all come from various UD products from this year.  I mostly collect Topps so there was a need for most of these including a Carlos Zambrano UD Heroes card one of my kids ran off with a couple of weeks ago.  Neither will admit to it but I got a feeling I’ll find it someday under one of their beds.

Thanks again goes to Mr. Ross of Boxbusters.  I’ll have another package for you once my Cardinals pile is replenished.

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